Northwestern companies join the Covid-19 Prolific North VR lab training school

A technical educator, Credersi has partnered with Covid-19 testing firm DAM Health to create a Covid-19 virtual reality lab training curriculum.

It is said to be the world’s first, DAM Health in Liverpool will work with Manchester-based Credersi to introduce the technology to the lab by funding the construction of a VR and AR platform to train lab technicians.

“We are thrilled to have teamed up with Andy Lord, Darren Coomer and Credersi to help fund the next generation of lab scientists and technicians. Creating a virtual world where lab technicians can be trained to understand the PCR testing process makes this a truly immersive experience without the need to physically enter a laboratory, ”said Liam Spence, head of DAM Health collaborations.

“Most importantly for DAM Health, as a leading provider of Covid testing services, our social and corporate responsibility programs are very important to us. Our sponsorship of the Credersi virtual world lab will not only help train the lab technicians of the future, but will also inspire schoolchildren to learn more about science and technology as an exciting career that is a key part of our vision. ”

The first course will be taught in October as a 12-week immersive program, with components of science, data science, python programming, and laboratory experiments incorporated into the course curriculum.

Credersi will use a physical PCR machine, which will then be used to model and represent in a 3D virtual lab. This will allow lab technicians and students to watch an animated sequence of how to perform a PCR test and use it as part of a broader training curriculum to educate students with an immersive and interactive training module. .

“This is a really exciting project to train with DAM Health and we are very grateful for your support and patronage. The addition of 3D modeling to develop a course that has elements focused exclusively on Covid-19 and PCR is a real change from game, ”added Andy Lord, CEO and co-founder of Credersi.

“There is a huge shortage of qualified laboratory technicians at the moment and our goal is to solve this imbalance by injecting a new army of talented and trained laboratory technicians. The demand for laboratory technicians exceeds the supply of the market. The Covid-19 tests will be with us for the foreseeable future. “

The 3D virtual lab will also be brought to schools and colleges as part of a broader program to educate and inspire children on STEM topics through the technology they relate to.

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