Oculus, a manufacturer of virtual reality headsets, announces new ways to make RV more inclusive of software upgrades

Oculus, owner of Facebook, creators of the popular virtual reality headsets, announced several accessibility improvements in a blog post published late last week. The update brings the device software to version 30, the company said.

“With v30 we add some long-awaited features, including microphone switches, a more powerful multitasking experience for people who like to use every inch of their digital space, and new accessibility features to make the future of computing a better experience. for everyone, “Oculus wrote in the post. “And it’s an even bigger upgrade for owners of the original Quest, who can activate Air Link from v30 onwards.”

The canopy change for this update is the inclusion of a new Accessibility tab in the Oculus Settings menu. This is where users can perform actions such as resetting the default text size. Oculus has added two features: Color Correction and Enlarge View.

Color correction is a feature that modifies the colors of people with color blindness. Oculus says it’s a “system-wide display setting that increases the readability of colors that are often difficult to differentiate.” There are three options to choose from: Deuteranomalia (green-red), Protanomalia (red-green) and Tritanomalia (blue-yellow).

As for Raise View, Oculus claims that it is a “highly requested” feature that allows users to experience virtual reality from a “right” point of view even if they are physically seated. The feature works by increasing the visible height 16 inches in supported applications “until you confirm or redraw a Guardian boundary or turn off Quest headphones.” It can be deactivated manually at any time. Increasing eyesight can be especially helpful for those who can’t stand it for long (if at all), such as many wheelchair users.

Oculus is careful to point out that, although elevated display has been a frequently requested feature, it is currently officially an “experimental” feature. The company noted that it appreciates all comments from users about its operation.

All in all, the accessibility improvements of the v30 update are another attempt by Oculus to show good faith towards users with disabilities. “We believe that virtual reality is the future of computing and we invest in building that future for everyone,” they said.

The software update is now being implemented for customers, who should see it “soon”.

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