Oculus Quest will get a “virtual VR board game” later this fall

The night of board games is back again … in virtual reality. Evernever Games announced Wednesday that it will bring a virtual reality board game called Neverboard to Oculus Quest this fall.

Neverboard is the first free social RV board game that brings friends and family together on the Oculus Quest platform from wherever you are, whether they’re all sitting in the same living room or at home. Combine the fun of classic board games like UNO and Monopoly with immersion in virtual reality without the hassle of the real world setting up games and cleaning the room once you’re done. If you watch the trailer below, the game looks like The Sims on acid.

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Neverboard will be released with the full version of Crazy 8s readily available for free download in the game library. You can buy three easy-to-collect games from 2 to 4 players for an indefinite price, with more titles on the way. In addition to playing, you can explore concessions to share with your friends and family present, such as pizza, soft drinks, and even tomatoes.

Evernever Games is a student of the Oculus Launchpad program that created Neverboard from scratch to bring about real connections with those closest to you in a new and charming way. Neverboard was created to provide a comfortable environment for virtual reality, serving both as a place to host games and as a social space for up to four friends. Creator Jasmine Bulin said Neverboard is a great virtual reality game for people to spend time together while separated, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re thrilled to see players find the joy of being with other people in virtual reality during a time when we’re together while we’re apart is more important than ever,” said Neverboard creator Jasmine Bulin, “Many games have the incredible power to enrich friendships and Virtual reality enhances the magic of shared activity by allowing friends to play together anywhere, anytime.With Neverboard, friends around the world can recapture the night of game on the calendar “.

Neverboard is now available on the wish list and will be supported on Oculus Quest and Quest 2. If you have any questions about which games will be released on Neverboard, you can join the game’s Discord channel.

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