Odessa College Law Enforcement Training Academy presents a new virtual reality simulator

ODESSA, Texas –

The Odessa College Law Enforcement Training Academy has introduced a new way for agents to improve their skills through virtual reality.

The VirTra V-100 simulator they will use will allow users to train to respond to high voltage situations such as active triggers, domestic violence and many others in places such as a cinema, a court or a school campus.

Law Enforcement Training Training Coordinator William Misczak said the simulator will help students decide if they are on the right track.

“We think it’s very important, again it gives the student the opportunity, if they need to make that decision of whether this is for me or not for me, because it provides them with real-life-based scenarios,” Misczak said. .

Situational outcomes depend on the agent’s actions and occur in real time. The system also recreates the psychological stressors that can face reality.

The academy believes that overall the system will help keep West Texas communities safer.

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