ODM Gear and 9 other fantastic anime technologies (which are not mecca)

Anime fans often see the medium as a form of escapism. The animation lends itself to telling more fantastic and creative stories that are not held back by the flaws that people can often detect in special effects for live action movies. That’s why when anime is created and creates amazing fictional technology, it’s easy to buy.

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Some gadgets are useful items that will make everyday life much more comfortable, while others are wonderful futuristic tools that allow characters to change aspects of themselves or the world around them. Whatever your purpose, the coolest pieces of anime technology are always captivating to watch.

10 The omnidirectional mobility gear allows trained users to enter the sky (Attack On Titan)

They were with their ODM team

Most people will never get to feel like Spiderman. Spider-Man while touring the rooftops of New York City, but this is not the case with Paradis Island residents. The omnidirectional mobility gear used by Survey Corp is a gas-powered form of transportation.

By launching high-power clamp hooks from an equipped harness, the technology allows its trained users to go to heaven. ODM Gear specialists can roll to any surface, use their momentum to alter their course, and even change direction in mid-flight.

9 NerveGear and AmuSphere transport humans to a whole new world (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art online NerveGear

Virtual reality technology has come a long way in real life, but it is still a long way from what it looks like Sword art online. The famous NerveGear caught its players in the virtual world of Aincrad and was later replaced by the second generation AmuSphere.

Both virtual reality consoles provided stunning immersion, making users feel as if they were actually transported into a virtual fantasy world to represent the VRMMO fantasies they had always dreamed of.

8 Gear is the future of sports (Megalobox)

Megalobox Gear

Boxing is already a dangerous sport, but in a dystopian environment Megalobox, Gears does it exponentially more. Both tied to the arms and infused, the Gears act as a mechanical improvement in the speed, power and reflexes of athletes entering the boxing ring.

They increase the intensity in an already violent sport and, beyond the ring, the Gears are even powerful enough to be used for construction or other strength-based activities.

7 Duel discs have made Duel Monsters portable (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

yugi garden YU GI OH

Holograms a Yu-Gi-Oh! Do an amazing job of bringing the creatures to life in the card game Duel Monsters. This technology reaches its peak when KaibaCorp manages to make dueling scenarios portable thanks to the creation of the Duel Disk.

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Tied to the duelist’s arm, the Duel Disk can be deployed in an instant to prepare for a match, shoot small camera devices to project holograms, and even contains all the necessary features, such as slots for cards and an automatic shuffle function.

6 Nami’s Climate-Touch is the latest time-controlling device (one piece)

Nami's throne time

Time is something that people usually want to control, instead of being at the mercy of nature. Still, for Nami from the Straw Hat Pirates, this is a reality. With her trusted Climate-Tact, Nami can create barriers against fog, rain, and even produce small cyclones or mirages to help her fellow pirates in a bit.

Outside of combat, the wand is also useful for clearing the sky and aiding in the navigation of the ship, as well as for any leisure time the pirates want to have.

5 Hoi-Poi Capsules Are Incredibly Comfortable (Dragon Ball)

Goku has Dragon Ball 2 capsules

Shrinking almost any physical object close and ready to materialize to its full size sounds like a dream come true, but Dragon Ballhistory, is a reality. Manufactured by Capsule Corporation, Hoi-Poi capsules are capable of miniaturizing and storing objects of much larger sizes, such as entire sofas, refrigerators, or even a house.

Depending on the user, the usefulness of these capsules can also vary greatly. Some may use them to transport tanks or other military vehicles.

4 The microwave to travel through time makes the manipulation of the past a reality (Steins; Gate)

Steins;  Gate microwaves

Everyone has wanted to travel back in time at least once. Fictional media involving time travel stories often demonstrate the capacity this capacity could have, but it is also fraught with danger. In Steins; Door, the ability to travel through time comes in several forms, but the microwave is the most iconic.

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Installed by members of Rintaro Okabe’s inner circle lab, the fascinating experimental microwave provides the characters with a method of traveling between lines of the world to return to the past, simply by heating some bananas inside.

3 Automail is the best that can be asked of prosthetic humans (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

A prosthetic arm may be better than flesh

Artificial prostheses are, unfortunately, necessary for more and more people in the real world. But what if reality had Automail? The fictional Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodThe technology allows people to create metal armored prostheses to replace the body parts of amputees.

More versatile than a normal prosthesis, Automail is related to the user’s nervous system and, as a result, provides greater control and flexibility. He is even advanced enough to be able to make modifications for combat.

2 The dominator is more advanced than the officers who use it (Psycho-Pass)

psychopass akane dominador

Anime weapons rarely become as iconic and lethal as the Dominator portable psychological suppression and psychological diagnosis system. Public Security Bureau inspectors use the transformative side weapon and constantly read the crime rate of their targets before deciding if their human being can pull the trigger.

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This criterion makes it especially unique. Once the Sibyl AI system considers a person to be a criminal, the impressive Dominator can transform into “lethal eliminator” mode and literally drop what would be bad.

1 Poké balls are an irreplaceable part of the world of Pokémon (Pokémon)

There are few anime devices as well known as the Poké Ball. The small device can capture and house any wild Pokémon that a trainer can find. It can then be released to release this Pokémon.

They can be used to participate in Pokémon battles, but they can also be a convenient way to keep friendly creatures close at all times. Poké balls come in numerous varieties depending on the region and the specific types of Pokémon that are adapted to catch. Pokémon since a series would not be the same without them.

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