Oomba Michael Williams discusses virtual reality technology and sports

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Irvine, California, August 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Virtual reality will likely have a big impact on gaming. But what about sports? Glytch CEO and Oomba founder Michael Williams is dedicated to it.

Virtual reality video games have emerged as a hot niche market. Rapid growth, improved technology, and lower prices make virtual reality technology more accessible than ever. Sports expert Michael Williams, CEO of Glytch and founder of Oomba, covers the future of virtual reality and competitive gaming.

“Virtual reality technology provides a great experience for gamers,” says Oomba founder Michael Williams. “Technology has come a long way over the years and many virtual reality experiences are truly immersive. Virtual reality could also offer opportunities in sports. “

The mouse and keyboard, the most popular tools for many players, do not disappear. While virtual reality offers a more immersive experience, traditional console and PC controls are likely to remain more responsive and easy to use, especially in competitive environments.

Mechanical control is vital for sports. To a casual fan, a professional player can look like any other player. However, his speed, accuracy and reflexes, along with other mechanical skills, are top notch. Watch a first-person shooter and professional players can move much faster and shoot much more accurately than your average player.

Still, VR technology offers an opportunity to create new leagues focused on virtual reality. Virtual reality technology offers professional players the ability to move. This can be more appealing not only to the players but also to the spectators.

“The gaming experience that sports offer is hard to beat,” says Michael Williams, CEO of Glytch. “You see how super soldiers do it with powerful weapons or legendary knights fighting mythical dragons. But seeing professional players in the real world can be a little disappointing. RV can make it more fun and engaging to see the players themselves. “

Increased involvement, in turn, could lead to a larger audience and wider acceptance. While virtual reality technology probably won’t supplant traditional gaming consoles and computers, it could complement them.

Use VR technology to complement real world sports

A specific possibility for virtual reality is to create gaming experiences that can rival some real world sports. Think boxing, for example. Boxing can generate many millions in pay per view and ticket sales. Imagine real-world boxers getting ready and boxing through a virtual reality game?

“Virtual reality and sport in general will not replace traditional sports,” says Michael Williams. “Instead, sports and virtual reality can help increase interaction with traditional sports by creating new and exciting experiences.”

Watching digital boxers play on the screen while people with the actual punch, duck and fabric can cause a lot of excitement. And because boxers won’t have a significant risk of injury, it’s possible to establish friendly matches between big names, say Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.

“The real potential of virtual reality and its impact on sports is unknown,” says Oomba founder Michael Williams. “This is because the technology itself is so new. We don’t know with which innovative games and technologies the innovators will be produced ”.

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