Operation Lifesaver launches three new VR driver training videos for people responding to emergencies

OTTAWA, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Every day, paramedics, police officers and firefighters provide critical assistance to Canadians in an emergency. But if these emergencies occur near railroad crossings or tracks, first responders could risk their own lives if they do not follow rail safety rules en route to scenes and disregard trains when positioning their equipment near the tracks.

Today, as part of Rail Safety Week 2021 (September 20-26), Operation Lifesaver Canada (OL) launches three new Train to drive virtual reality (VR) videos designed specifically for users responding to emergencies. These new interactive training videos are designed to test whether police, paramedics, and firefighters know how to stay safe when responding to emergencies near railroads.

“First aid is an important safety partner and plays an essential role when emergencies occur,” says Sarah Mayes, national director of Operation Lifeguard in Canada. “We produced these videos to help keep them safe and to ensure they don’t endanger their own lives when responding to emergencies near tracks and trains.”

The three new ones Train to drive the videos allow emergency attendees to make real-time decisions around virtual railroad tracks and trains and see the results, both good and tragic, without jeopardizing their own safety. Videos are the new addition to OL’s Train to drive program, which already includes two VR training videos aimed at all drivers, one specifically for bus and truck drivers and another for farm workers.

You can experience OL’s Train to drive videos by visiting TraintoDrive.ca and clicking on the appropriate video link. Whether it’s a new or experienced driver, a professional driver, a farm worker, or an emergency service, staying safe around the railroad tracks is about being alert and knowing the rules.

About Operation Lifeguard Canada

Operation Lifesaver Canada is a public national rail safety program sponsored by Transport Canada, the Railway Association of Canada and its members, including CN, CP, VIA Rail, Metrolinx, EXO, West Coast Express and Genesee & Wyoming, among others. others. Through its national network of railway safety ambassadors, collaborations with safety councils, police, the transport industry and community groups, and innovative tools such as its virtual reality aspect. Listen. Live. campaign, Operation Lifeguard Canada works to save lives by educating Canadians about the dangers of railroad property violations and the lack of caution on rail crossings. Canadians can keep up to date with the latest rail safety news by visiting operationlifesaver.ca.

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