Ordnance Survey partners with PRELOADED to create an augmented reality game on a global scale

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July 19, 2021 – Article survey, Britain’s national map service, recently announced that it is working with the London gaming studio PRELOADED to develop a global augmented reality (RA) game that will be designed to appeal to family audiences outdoors .

The game will build on Ordnance Survey’s extensive mapping and use geospatial data to provide contextual experiences that drive exploration of the world. We cover the award of the contract, which was announced in November last year, but is the first time Ordnance Survey has published news of the same award. The original award value of the contract was a total of GBP 300,000 and lasted for three years.

Nick Giles, CEO of OS Leisure, said: “We want maps to be fun and geolocation games and gamified apps allow their players to collectively visualize the outdoors while they want to experiment and interact with their environment. . It is no longer what is physically present in a given location. By creating our own geolocation game, this new mix of realities gives us more opportunities to encourage people to explore and go out more often. “

Phil Stuart, creative director of PRELOADED, commented: “We are at a point where advances in RA and geospatial technologies allow us to connect with our real world in completely new and meaningful ways. We are very excited to work with Ordnance Survey to bring the true potential of the game based on location to family audiences in the UK and beyond. ”

Mike Hawkyard, head of mobile games at the Ordnance Survey, added: “Enhanced real-world locations can enhance an individual’s outdoor enjoyment. When they get to the desired location, players can see a physical phone booth in front of them, but they have also reached a location where they can fight to get a new PokéGym in the virtual sense. ”(referring to the mobile AR game, Pokémon GO) Hawkyard continued:“ This new game of RA reflects an exciting opportunity building on the success of OS Maps and raising awareness about these engaging outdoor experiences. ”

According to the Ordnance Survey, the new RA game will be complementary to Operating system maps, which has more than 3.5 million users offering access to various features such as 3D mapping, augmented reality tools and more than 4 million routes covering 30 million kilometers.

Ordnance Survey plans to launch its first game in early 2022. For more information on Ordnance Survey, click here. For more information on PRELOADED, visit the company website.

Image Credit: Ordnance Survey

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