Osso VR raises $ 27 million in Series B funding to expand its virtual reality surgery library and platform

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July 8, 2021 – The VR, a virtual reality (VR) surgical assessment and training platform, has announced that it has raised $ 27 million in Series B funding, led by GSR Ventures, with the participation of Signalfire, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, OCA Ventures, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and Anorak Ventures.

Justin Barad, MD, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR, said: “With this latest round, we plan to exponentially expand our library and platform so that all patients around the world can have peace of mind knowing they have access to safer and more valuable procedures “.

Osso VR’s surgical training technology provides tailor-made educational experiences that help surgeons gain mastery of emerging surgical techniques and technologies. The company stated that it experienced rapid growth during 2020 to meet a growing demand for pandemic-driven virtual training. As part of its recent growth, the company has expanded into additional specialties such as orthopedics, endoscopy, intervention procedures and more. As a result, the Osso VR Surgical Training Library now offers more than 120 modules in more than 10 specialties.

“Osso VR is positioned to transform surgeon training into new devices and surgical procedures,” said Dr. Sunny Kumar, partner at GSR Ventures. “The immersion level of the Osso platform provides an experience that reflects the operating room in a more effective, more accessible and effective way than any previous surgical training platform.”

The Osso VR platform offers a high level of visual fidelity, so it is ensured that all aspects of surgery, from anatomical details to the OR environment, are provided to enhance the training experience. Osso VR employs a medical illustration team made up of alumni from Industrial Light & Magic, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Apple, who are able to create large-scale film-quality educational experiences, according to the company.

Osso VR added that with nearly 30,000 training sessions completed on its platform, providing an average of 22,000 minutes of training per month, the company’s platform can help significantly impact surgical performance. In two recent randomized peer-reviewed studies of level 1, surgeons who trained with Osso VR showed an improvement of 230% to 306% in overall surgical performance compared to traditional training. In addition, Osso VR allows healthcare professionals to train together in Osso from anywhere in the world through remote collaboration.

Barad continued: “Osso VR has been on an incredible journey. We have created a unique team in life that brings together experts in health, technology, film and games to carry out our mission: to improve patient outcomes, accelerate the adoption of more effective surgical technologies and democratize access to education. After demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of the platform and its unique ability to scale up to millions of providers around the world, we are ready to accelerate. ”

Last year, Osso VR raised $ 14 million in Series A funding, which meant the company’s total funding in the last year was $ 41 million overall.

To learn more about Osso VR and its virtual reality surgical training platform, visit the company website.

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