Osso VR raises $ 27 million to turn surgery into a video game: TechCrunch

Virtual reality did not become the last office replacement telepresence machine during the pandemic, and it was not for lack of attempts, but some startups focused on training employees in virtual reality have found additional validation over the past year, as industry professionals have been forced to access institutional knowledge in remote environments.

Osso VR, a San Francisco-based virtual reality company focused on medical training, has caught the attention of investors as they have focused on collaborations with medical device power plants such as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and Smith & Nephew during the pandemic. The startup tells TechCrunch that they have recently closed $ 27 million in Series B funding led by GSR Ventures with the additional involvement of SignalFire, Kaiser Permanente Ventures and Anorak Ventures, among others.

CEO Justin Barad tells TechCrunch that the pandemic “created an intense level of urgency” for the launch, as customers found new demand for their platform.

Osso VR seeks to enhance modern surgical instructions with a virtual reality-based solution that allows surgeons to interact with new medical devices in 3D space, “performing” over and over surgery on a digital corpse from the comfort of any place where they have enough space. to extend his arms. Osso’s efforts are particularly helpful for medical device customers who can use the platform to become familiar with its solutions, while helping surgeons gain knowledge in its implantation.

One of the broadest goals of the startup is to bring the multiplayer mechanics of video games to the virtual operating room, allowing surgeons and medical assistants to collaborate in real time, so that they not only know their responsibility, but how they fit all. operations.

“It’s a lot like a symphony. Everyone has a different role to play and you have to communicate with each other.” Diu Barad.

It is a process that needs the spatial breadth of virtual reality, says Barad, although the instruction is always complemented by text and videos.

Barad believes the startup’s goal is “something unequivocally good,” a quality that has helped the team hunt for talent as it has reached about 100 employees, which includes what it claims is the largest team in the world. ‘medical illustrators of the world. This team has helped expand the platform’s content to more than 100 modules covering 10 specialties.

The founders of virtual reality have struggled in recent years to attract the attention of investors, as the capture of businesses and consumers has proven slower than the first wild ambitions of technology. Instead, investors have looked more at betting on adjacent technologies, such as gaming and computer vision, that do not require specialized hardware. The Osso VR platform works with Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headphones through the company’s Oculus for Business program.

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