Personalized and private virtual tours of the Big Apple by Natives of New York

NEW YORK, June 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The New Life Enterprise announced the official launch of its private virtual walk app for iPhone, iPad and Android: Town Walker. The app provides a platform that connects people who want to visit New York with virtually real TownWalker guides who explore the city on foot, using smartphones to show viewers a variety of sights, museums, landmarks , side streets, New York culture and city life. as it happens. Guests can invite up to five friends to join a virtual tour and TownWalkers earns money based on the time they spend walking and guiding. The Town Walker app is currently focused on New York, but will eventually be expanded to other locations. The application is available for download via Google Play and App Store.

“Unlike guided tours of popular tourist sites, Town Walker is a private, individual service that allows guests to personalize their visit,” he said. Noriaki Murao, Town Walker Developer. “Customers can choose the starting locations and decide the duration of each tour, while TownWalkers has total flexibility to make the experience free if they wish. The app allows people from all over the world to visit NYC virtually, with a TownWalker This is especially valuable because of the restrictions on COVID-19 that have been so devastating for small businesses and tourism in general.Because the pandemic has been so severe in New York, a place that I love it so much, I wanted to help New Yorkers have fun with an economic business model to start recovering. “

Town Walker: organized tours for each user

Town Walker uses a token system and offers a free trial to new customers. After the test, customers can purchase additional tours using tokens, exchanging a token per minute of travel time with TownWalkers. And any remaining balance can be easily folded into future virtual trips. Token packs include: 15 tokens per $ 14.99, 30 tokens per $ 28.99and 60 tokens for $ 54.99.

Tour styles vary, with guides creating routes based on location, requests, and popular demand. Tourists can use the in-app messaging to talk to TownWalkers, making specific visit requests and communicating their preferences, with guides able to accommodate the most reasonable requests. Tour styles include:

  • Guided: A complete live experience walking through one of the most exciting and famous cities in the world. Walk the streets with a guide and see real New York life as it happens.
  • Freestyle: Select a specific TownWalker on the map or list and prepare for a free, casual tour experience like no other. Explore the city virtually freely.
  • Immersive: TownWalkers guides viewers anywhere, from famous tourist sites to their own neighborhoods. Viewers can discover the daily lives of New Yorkers as they pass, even discovering a “secret place” to explore later during their vacation.

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About The New Life Enterprise, LLC

Founded by the developer Noriaki Murao, The New Life Enterprise (NLE) is a software development company that creates and maintains a wide variety of social augmented reality games, utilities, applications, and tools. NLE recently launched Town Walker, an app that allows users to take virtual walking tours in real time of famous cities and places with the natives living there. Town Walker is currently headquartered in New York, with plans to expand to other cities and locations in the future. Learn more at:

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