Pico VR headphones are used as part of the BMW and Motorsport virtual garage experience

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July 1, 2021 – Interactive pic, provider of virtual reality solutions (virtual reality) for B2B use, has presented this week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona a virtual reality workshop and live experience developed by the agency We are Jerry and the company AR / VR GOVAR, who have created the “BMW and Virtual Garage Experience” for BMW and Motorsport’s Formula E participation.

The Virtual Experience works on the ENGAGE VR platform, developed by VR Education, which allows you to incorporate all CAD and 360 data, videos, live reproductions and BMW and Motorsport presentations, as well as content from sponsors and partners.

The central question of We are Jerry and GOVAR was: “How do we compensate for the limitations related to COVID for BMW and Motorsport partners and guests and at the same time create completely new customer experiences that meet the target group in the digital world?” , all as efficient and synergistic as possible? ”explained Karsten Streng, founder and managing partner of We are Jerry. “A better 360 ° type of website could not be the solution, which would not have met the high quality standards of BMW and Motorsport and their sponsors. That’s why we opted for a virtual experience from the beginning. BMW and Motorsport officials immediately recognized the potential of virtual hospitality and gave us the green light. We are Jerry who brought GOVAR on board as partners.

The Pico Neo 3 6DoF VR headphones.

Companies opted to use Pico Interactive’s independent VR headsets. “Pico has by far the most powerful VR glasses, which also offer 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) for the spatial movement of the experience,” said Stefan Göppel, CEO of GOVAR. “Spatial distance does not mean sacrificing social interaction. The virtual workshop and the live experience of BMW and Motorsport is, therefore, a meeting, thanks to the immersion that creates the feeling of a live meeting. ”

The newly created VR event platform also offers more options than simply virtually mapping previous Formula E hospitality events. For example, CAD and 360 data from BMW E race cars, videos, live plays, presentations and others Experience, which guests can access individually. In addition, BMW and Motorsport has the option to provide sponsors and Formula E team partners with their own areas of virtual experience, which these partners can use for their own customer loyalty measures. Depending on the company, up to 70 guests can move through the live virtual experience at the same time or, if necessary, even up to 1,000 guests.

“The virtual workshop and live experience platform developed by We are Jerry and GOVAR open up new forms and opportunities for BMW and Motorsport to work with sponsors, partners and customers,” said Lutz-Philipp Kugler, Brand Cooperations BMW Group . “Instead of setting up hospitality events over and over again for each Formula E race, we only had to develop the virtual platform once and now we can change it and adapt it flexibly. Our sponsors and partners have responded very positively to this new form of interaction and interaction with customers, not only as an alternative during the Crown pandemic, but they like to be able to create their own virtual experience spaces for their own. content and experiences. This experience clearly demonstrates the future potential of virtual events. “

As part of the experience, guests can enjoy a tour of the garage, a look at the BMW Formula E race car, as well as a virtual lap on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit as a co-driver of the BMW i8 Safety Car. Thanks to the ENGAGE platform, the experience can also be enjoyed in 2D from a desktop / laptop computer.

The BMW Formula E virtual experience will be used as part of a partner workshop on July 1, 2021, as well as an introduction to the Formula E race on July 11, 2021 in New York City .

For more information on Pico Interactive and its RV solutions, click here.

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