Players will recognize the voice of Pokeman Star on Gameacon

During the event, guests can enter the Virtual Reality Village where anyone can play their favorite VR games as long as they have their own controllers. In case some guests forget their home controllers or are interested in buying some gaming equipment after seeing what Gameacon has to offer, they can turn to the vendors listed at the event. These vendors will sell items ranging from souvenirs to game consoles.

Attendees should also “definitely check out some of the independent games available to play and even participate in or watch a tournament,” says Ben Fox. These tournaments, which have cash prizes of up to $ 1,000 and include games like Street Fighter or Super Smash Brothers, can be played by anyone entering the event regardless of skill level. However, there are a maximum of 550 contestants allowed in each tournament. By playing these small independent games from smaller companies or independent games, Gameacon players could discover the next Minecraft, which originally started as a standalone game.

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