Plymouth Virtual Reality Center ruined by “vile” water after intense flooding

A Plymouth store has had to close after “vile” flood water washed away at the entrance.

Player Ready Plymouth, which offers virtual reality-based experience at Lockyers Quay, had to cancel all of its bookings the day after this morning’s instant flooding.

After heavy rains, many roads in Plymouth were flooded, causing chaos in the city.

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The street outside Player Plymouth Ready was flooded and as vehicles passed, water was washed into the store.

Kieran Beckenkrager, who runs it, said the water was “vile” and coming out of the drains.

“Luckily, I had a few sandbags left over from the last time it happened, last year,” he said.

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But as he placed them at the entrance, several motorists passed by, sending him large amounts of water. The incident was captured on a closed circuit television and you can watch the video above.

Now the staff has to clean the store.

“It’s the last thing we need after the year,” Kieran said. “We are a small independent company and Covid has affected us.

“I had to cancel a full day of bookings.”

Kieran said the store was also flooded in August 2020 and customers helped even the staff clean up.

He hopes drainage can be improved in the near future and that the local authority can provide sandbags to local businesses.

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