POP into the world of virtual reality from your living room.

Disconnect from pandemic restrictions safely. To go out. Travel. Go to the gym. Very good from your living room.

Pop Goes the City is here to offer unique experiences from the comfort of your home at an affordable price.

For just $ 30 for a one-day rental, Pop Goes the City can provide a 64GB VR Oculus Quest 2 headset with touch controllers that includes a set of digital experiences.

Pre-installed on each headset are programs like Supernatural, a cardiovascular training program. Train with your favorite musical hits while staying healthy with Supernatural. The workouts of different intensities and durations are accompanied by music of various genres, all guided by a personal trainer and which takes place practically in stunning views such as the salt pans of Utah, the beautiful beaches of Thailand or even the surface of Mars. .

Walk through the ruins of Machu Picchu, swim with the sharks of the ocean or explore the limits of space with the National Geographic VR program. After a long day working and traveling, return to Earth and find inner peace with the Tripp Meditation app on the Oculus.

The philosophy behind Pop Goes the City is to promote the shared economy by providing experiences in Cornwall and the surrounding community in a sustainable way.

Instead of seeing hundreds of dollars spent on an Oculus for occasional private use, Pop Goes the City wants to help protect the environment by providing access to this technology when our users need it and in a sustainable way.

“Our dedication to promoting sustainability through the shared economy does not end in virtual reality. Pop Goes the City is just the beginning of a broader initiative aimed at making a range of different technologies more accessible and sustainable. Stay tuned! Says the founder, Kelly Bergeron.

Step into the virtual world today by booking an Oculus rental on the Pop Goes the City website popgoesthecity.ca. Delivery within the city limits of Cornwall is free.

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