“Population: One” maker BigBox VR becomes Facebook’s latest virtual reality game studio acquisition

Facebook has evolved over the years to reach the forefront of social media and, with WhatsApp and Instagram in its arsenal, has a clear advantage over others. On Friday, Facebook added another name to its long list of acquisitions, after acquiring the Seattle-based gaming studio BigBox VR, the company behind the popular real-world battle game. Population: one. BigBox VR would join Oculus Studios, Facebook’s virtual reality headset maker. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, although it has been said that the entire BigBox VR team would join Oculus Studios.

This is certainly not the first time that Facebook has acquired virtual reality game development studios. In 2019 he had acquired Beat Games, followed by the Sanzaru Games (who gave us The wrath of Asgard) in February 2020 i Lonely echo creator Ready at Dawn last June. This year, he had acquired the multiplayer shooting game Onward maker Downpour Interactive.

In a blog post, Mike Verdu, vice president of content for Facebook Reality Labs, said: “One of the most popular social experiences in RV has proven to be Population: One, the real battle waged by BigBox VR. Today, I am honored to share that BigBox VR joins Facebook. The game is known as the Fortnite of VR game due to a number of similar gaming techniques, structure and business model, and other features. It has consistently been ranked as one of Oculus ’best-performing games, bringing together up to 24 people at a time to connect, play and compete in a virtual world. The game has already grossed $ 10 million in the few months since it launched on the Oculus platform, one of the key reasons it caught Facebook’s attention on the subject.

“While social media incorporates players into POP: ONE, quirky humor, continuous updates, and pure fun from the environment make them come back again and again, we’ve even seen players schedule time to meet at the game to get a synchronous social connection experience, “the blog post added.

Facebook said BigBox VR would continue to operate as an independent studio.

“BigBox VR has big plans for the future of POP: ONE and for other projects, but we’re not ready to share details right now,” a Facebook-prepared blog post stated. Population: one will continue to be compatible with all of its current platforms.

The company added that it planned to help BigBox accelerate its vision of the game with access to resources and support from Facebook and Oculus Studios, while maintaining creativity, disciplined methodology and commitment to the team community. Facebook would also help BigBox grow its community and, in the future, pursue other projects. He promised to preserve BigBox VR’s “agile, iterative, creative” culture and approach, along with the studio’s passion for fostering the community of Population: one.

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