Premium service brands partner with VIRTI and MURSION to create a proprietary experience learning program with VR technology

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Premium Service Brands, the parent company of home service franchises 360º painting, Maid’s right, ProLift garage doors, Renew Crew, Savi’s kitchen, Handyman Pro i Garbage works, has announced the launch of its new proprietary experience program, a technology-based learning experience designed to immerse its incoming franchisees in the day-to-day running of their new business.

The Owner Experience program is the culmination of Premium Service Brand’s in-depth research that analyzes owners ’actions and best practices with exceptional launch results, to see what set them apart from the package. The company discovered that practice, communication skills and mindset played an important role in positioning owners for successful launches and set out to revitalize the premium service brand incorporation program established in an attempt to make the experience have a greater impact with the help of innovative technology and new technology. Owner experience center.

Most notably, Premium Service Brands partnered with two companies: Mursion i VIRTI – Offer owners a platform to practice estimating, sales calls, hiring and hiring in a virtual reality and role-playing environment.

Mursion is an immersive virtual reality platform focused on improving emotional intelligence in the workplace. Mursion uses a combination of AI and live human interaction to create a safe environment for the practice of skills such as emotional intelligence, adaptability, and resilience. The goal is to create an authentic but risk-free simulation without harming an individual’s performance or a company’s reputation.

VIRTI is a UK-based startup that uses immersive AR / VR scenarios to teach hands-on skills in realistic environments. Premium Service Brands is VIRTI’s first partner in the home services industry and will pioneer a new market for start-up.

In order to emphasize the experiential aspect of the incorporation process, Premium Service Brands also plans to present a newly created learning and development center. The distribution of the center will be organized in pods instead of a classroom led by an instructor to ensure that all parties can work together collaboratively.

“The Homeowner Experience Program is about having the opportunity to practice skills critical to homeowners’ success and get feedback in real time, ”he said. Deb Jewell, vice president of learning premium service brands. “We want to show our franchisees how to leverage their own strengths and experience to be a more effective leader and decision maker. By helping homeowners build a mind map on how all aspects of our model fit together, we are confident the Program will go of owner experience with a stronger and more complete understanding of what it takes to run your business on a day-to-day basis. ”

Premium Service Brands launches its proprietary experience program following a recent private equity investment of Susquehanna Private capital. SPC invested in the multi-brand franchisor to help the company strengthen its presence in the fast-growing home services industry and to advance its business model.

“We have aggressively grown all of our PSB concepts over the past few years and this investment will allow us to build our infrastructure and business model, so we are better positioned to support new homeowners at the pace they want to join. -se, “the CEO said Paul Flick. “The Owner Experience Program is one of many new improvements we make to our system to help us recruit, develop and support the best franchisees from each of our brands.”

Based in Charlottesville, VA, Premium Service Brands (PSB) is the leader in home service franchise opportunities. He recently acquired Renew Crew a January 2020 and garbage November 2020, other brands under the PSB umbrella include 360º Paint, ProLift Garage Doors, Handyman Pro, Maid Right, Rubbish Works and Kitchen Wise. These home improvement industry brands offer franchisees complete training and support for every step while considering customer service as a way of life and also returning to local communities through their mindless organization. work, Kids-Lift. Supporting children and their families is crucial to PSB’s personal values ​​in enlightening and caring for their communities. Learn more about franchise opportunities at:

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