Press Release: World Gorilla Day, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund announces Moon Gorillas, a new collaboration for carbon-neutral NFT PERL

World Gorilla Day commemorates the date more than fifty years ago when Dian Fossey settled on a mountain slope in Rwanda to study endangered gorillas. Today, the date inspires people to take action to raise awareness and contribute to the conservation of gorillas. This year, Moon Gorillas offers new and existing NFT collectors the opportunity to appreciate unique digital artistic gorillas, while supporting the survival of endangered wild gorillas. For more information on the moon gorillas and their planned release later this year, visit:

For more information about the Fossey Fund and World Gorilla Day, visit:


The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to protecting gorillas and helping and educating people who live near them, including the world’s longest-running gorilla research site. For more information, visit uses blockchain technologies to symbolize real-world ecological assets, such as carbon credits, and to encourage environmental protection and biodiversity, even through rewards and NFTs. For more information, visit

The bioeconomy provides carbon, sustainability and technology services to organizations and companies, with the mission of changing the traditional economy to a bioeconomy where natural capital is appreciated. For more information, visit

Facebook and Instagram’s Spark AR lets you create and share augmented reality experiences that reach billions of people using Facebook’s family of apps and devices. For more information, visit

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