Professor Clarkson PT makes a virtual presentation in Ghana

Kwadwo Appiah-Kubi, an assistant professor of physiotherapy at the Lewis School of Health Sciences in Clarkson, recently made a virtual presentation in his home country of Ghana. The Ghana Physiotherapy Association (GPA) organizes scientific seminars to promote excellence in research and clinical care among physiotherapists in Ghana. Presenters are given the opportunity to share their main research interests, educate physical therapists on how they can translate some of the feasible findings from research into clinical practice, and encourage evidence-based practices.

Appiah-Kubi’s presentation focused on the influence of sensory re-weighing on the human postural system. “These are basically doctors who consider simple but effective clinical outcome measures that would separate multisensory systems during postural assessments. In doing so, doctors can target the impaired system (whether somatosensory, visual, or vestibular) that primarily causes postural dysfunction to provide appropriate treatment, ”Appiah-Kubi said.

Appiah-Kubi has been an assistant professor and researcher in the Clarkson Department of Physiotherapy since 2020. He received his doctorate. in Neuromotricity from Temple University, his Master of Science in Neuromusculoskeletal Physical Therapy from Cardiff University and his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Ghana. Her research interests lie in the effects of concurrent vestibular activation and postural training on sensory weighing of postural control processing in individuals with vestibulation-related disorders and in the validation of a reality-based device. virtual for vestibular-postural rehabilitation.

He has co-published in Gait & Posture, Disability and Rehabilitation, CommonHealth Journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior and International Journal of Sports Medicine, among many other publications and presentations. He is a reviewer of Brain Sciences, Scientific Reports Journal, PLOS One, Journal of Physiological Anthropology and former Secretary of Ghana Journal of Physiotherapy.

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