Quincy Brown leaves new music videos before appearing in “Raising Kanan”

The versatile Quincy Brown debuts on Sunday (August 1) in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” by STARZ. The series produced by the 50 Cent executive premiered on July 18 as the network’s most engaging show. Brown will join the show playing a local music producer named Crown Camacho. Fans will start watching Brown from the third episode, titled “Stick and Move.”

“Crown Camacho is that ear on the street, but also that connection to music,” Brown told POPSUGAR. “I think in the lifestyle we’re surrounded by, music speaks louder than anything, and everyone wants to have the newest artist with the hottest song, and I’m the type to go through.”

On Instagram, 50 praised Brown’s acting skills and joked about his feud with Diddy. “Raising Kanan made @Quincy’s performance on this show no joke,” he wrote. “I looked at his tapes and said he was fighting Puffy. This ni66a is too good. Yes, I need that. ” The famous show, written and created by Sascha Penn, also stars Joey Bada $$, Omar Epps, Mekai Curtis, Lovie Simone, Malcolm Mays and more.

Brown has also been busy releasing new music videos. In late July he released “On Yo Azz!” a conceptual short film about feeling alone in a two-way street and a visual with virtual reality themes for “ESC”. The 30-year-old animator seamlessly harmonizes the two songs and the videos are creatively created. Add the new music and TV show to Beyoncé’s latest Flex Park clothing model and it’s safe to say Brown will be making big moves this summer.

Fortunately, he’s not too busy answering calls from his Qrew or new fans who just want to chat. Brown encourages everyone to send a text message to 1-917-920-2488. Tell him that REVOLT has already sent you!

Watch the music videos for “ESC” and “On Yo Azz!” below and be sure to tune in to episode three of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” tonight at 8pm STARZ.

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