RareBird Games PSVR Trailer “The Last Video Store”

Unfortunately for many of us who grew up in the 90s, it would be hard to visit the only remaining Blockbuster in the world, but luckily RareBird Games now comes out with a PlayStation VR title that will allow us to relive nostalgic visits.

Titled The latest video store, the study behind Sinfield Remastered has rebuilt a Blockbuster store within virtual reality to explore, walking behind row of VHS tapes and DVDs. There will be a survival mode in which players will have to work with different jobs to earn money to pay bills and feed their own movie obsession, and you will also be able to drive around the neighborhood at night or even watch movies what I do I’ve rented, although at this time it’s unclear how the licenses will work and if you like the movies you included in the trailer Evil Dead will reach the final version.

There is little information about the game at this time, so those interested should stay tuned for more updates.

Elsewhere in the game, EA has officially confirmed one Dead space remake for next generation consoles and PCs.

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