Rec Room expands its Social VR universe to Android this fall: VRFocus

After securing massive $ 100 million in funding a few months ago, the social virtual reality (VR) platform is gearing up to welcome even more users by expanding its mobile support. Today, the company announced it Rec will support Android devices fall 2021.

Although Rec originally launched as a VR-only social app where users could hang out, play games and explore user-created rooms, the platform has massively expanded support where it is now available for iOS, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Steam, Oculus Quest Headphones and PC VR. Therefore, Android would always go on the list. Now, at least, Android owners who want to intervene Rec he knows there isn’t too much time to wait.

If you are interested, you can pre-register in the Google Play Store. This will allow you to earn in-game rewards, worth hundreds of thousands of points, for reaching pre-registration milestones. Because no social experience is complete with a wide variety of customization options.

Although there are many opportunities to play and chat indoors Rec, its main attraction on all platforms is the ability to create your own content, for free. This ranges from rooms to avatar accessories that you can sell to other users for the game currency. They are not tokens either. Thanks to Rec With the Creator Compensation Program, you can convert your tokens into real money. There are rating parameters, but essentially, once you’ve accumulated at least a million tokens, you can withdraw money, with $ 1 million currently worth $ 400.


Rec it has grown from strength to strength over the last year and by 2021 it has already broken its own records. The social RV app grew + 500% in user activity as of 2020, with over 15 million lifetime users on the platform and over one million active RV users monthly. IOS downloads have increased 600% over the following year since the platform’s debut in 2018. When it comes to making money for creators Rec the team expects to pay more than $ 1 million by the end of the year. Some creators have even managed to earn up to $ 20,000 in two months according to the company.

How Rec continues to expand and improve its platform, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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