Resources Showcase Technology: ERGT allows you to fly in a virtual reality helicopter

For those who have always wanted to fly a real-life helicopter, activating ERGT in the technology resource showcase will allow you to experience the next best.

Working alongside Perth-based computer software company Sentient, ERGT has built a virtual reality experience from a helicopter en route to an offshore platform.

RTS visitors will be able to go for a ride in the company’s S-76A helicopter, which includes their experiential training, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center today and tomorrow.

ERGT CEO of Customer Associations Ryan Cotterell said it would be a great opportunity for the public to experience one of the most exciting aspects of the industry.

“Flying overseas to work is a common activity in the energy industry, but it’s not usually the general public who can sit on a plane of this size and experience a virtual flight to an oil rig,” Cotterell said.

During the simulation, the passenger is guided through the checks and balances to prepare for an incident.

ERGT said they intended to bring an adventurous spirit to on-the-job training, where practical problem-solving in immersive safety and emergency response scenarios would be valued, rather than limited to a classroom.

“ERGT will show how the resource industries prepare their workforce to be prepared for any situation and make sure they always work safely,” Cotterell said. “We want students to understand that a career in our industry is safe and rewarding.”

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