Resources Technology Showcase 2021: The Perth Sentient company that uses gaming technology to improve mining

Virtual reality experiences are taking over the video game universe, but can they be used for anything other than entertainment?

The Sentient company in Perth has developed a virtual reality game called “Extreme Rock Breaker” that you can play in this year’s resource technology showcase at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center today and tomorrow.

Guardian, project manager and entertainment minister Leonie Yann said the game showed people how easy it was to use virtual reality to solve resource sector problems.

“Sentient uses gaming technology to solve various resource industry problems, we create digital twin sites to accurately visualize and consolidate customer data into a central, real-time software package,” he said.

Camera iconDoug Bester, CEO of Perth, Sentient. Credit: Nic Ellis/Western Australia

The company will also have an augmented reality experience at its booth, where participants will be able to scan a QR code and travel through the stages of the “Pit-to-Port” mining process.

But problem solving is not the only thing that is capable of this gaming technology.

Yann said virtual and online reality training packages help employees learn processes, become familiar with places or equipment, and practice emergency response.

“We also develop powerful and interactive presentation tools to facilitate better conversations and communication between mining companies and our traditional owners,” he said.

According to Ms. Yann, this technology is beneficial to many people, considering that most of us consider the “learning to do” training approach to be the most effective.

“We would like to share the accessibility of the latest technology with event guests and the wider audience so they can see how easy it is to use and navigate virtual and augmented reality,” he said.

Sensitive VR used for mining training.
Camera iconSensitive VR used for mining training. Credit: Supplied/supplied

Virtual reality platforms have also become very popular among the younger generation.

Ms Yann said she hopes to raise awareness among students, families and educators about what future jobs might look like by constantly looking for new ways to solve problems through gaming technology.

“We hope that the future will always have the latest and best technologies [and] we want to keep up to date with all the incredible technology that is revealed every year, so that we can continue to develop tools that help any job, in any industry, to work better ”.

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