Robotic surgery: leader in minimally invasive procedures Des Moines, Iowa (IA), MercyOne

Shorter surgery time. Shorter hospital stays. Fewer pain medications are needed. Faster healing time. These are just some of the benefits of robotic surgery. At MercyOne, we have the most up-to-date robotic surgery technology, the da Vinci Xi surgical system. This robot can be used for various surgical procedures and is optimized for areas of gynecology, urology and general surgery.

“This not only means more surgeries for MercyOne, but it also means shorter hospital stays for our patients than in the past,” said Dave Ebel, a surgical equipment technician. less “.

The surgeon always 100% controls the robot-assisted da Vinci system, which translates hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of small instruments inside the patient’s body. The Xi system’s 3D-HD vision system provides surgeons with greatly expanded vision, which virtually extends the patient’s eyes and hands.

“Basically you have joysticks and you put your hands in them and it automatically turns the robot’s arms. You’re sitting at the console with something similar to virtual reality, ”said general surgeon Scott Hinze, DO, FACOS.

The main features of the da Vinci Xi system include:

  • An aerial instrument arm architecture designed to facilitate anatomical access from virtually any position
  • A digital endoscope architecture that creates a simpler, more compact design with improved definition and clarity of vision
  • Ability to attach the endoscope to any arm, providing flexibility to visualize the surgical site
  • Smaller, thinner arms with redesigned joints that offer a greater range of motion than ever before
  • Longer instrumental axes designed to give surgeons greater operational reach

MercyOne locations with robotic surgery:

MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center

MercyOne West Des Moines Medical Center

MercyOne North Iowa Medical Center

MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center

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