Rokid launches an Indiegogo campaign for its augmented reality glasses tied “Rokid Air” for multimedia viewing

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September 2, 2021 – Rocks, a supplier of augmented and mixed reality glasses (AR / MR), announced today that it will continue the sale of its glassesRokid watervoice-controlled RA glasses with the launch of a campaign in the Indiegogo platform, in order to give the most interested users the opportunity to receive early access to purchase the device, along with discounts and incentives.

Rokid’s Air AR glasses are lightweight and portable and allow users to experience a 120-inch virtual screen to enjoy an immersive multimedia experience while using apps, games and movies. The launch of the Indiegogo campaign follows the conclusion of a successful launch of Rokid Air’s product on Kickstarter, in which Rokid received nearly $ 700,000 in commitments from 1,700 sponsors.

Established in 2014, Rokid claims that its global team specializes in the research and development of augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics products. The company’s consumer-focused augmented and mixed reality solutions combine voice and vision technologies to create smart devices ready for attendees. The company has also noted that it hopes to be one of the “innovators in RA in the industry, with the aim of bringing RA to the masses with advanced features, portability and useful applications for entertainment, work and everyday life. “.

Rokid Air AR glasses come with an advanced AI voice recognition system and voice command functions. Using a high-definition directional speaker and a noise-canceling microphone, users can only talk about voice commands to manage applications and control media playback, which the company claims creates a combination of personal cinema. Large screen and virtual assistant for a hands-free experience. .

Rokid added that the new Air glasses, which can also be used using the gesture control function via the user’s smartphone, are suitable for travel and long movie and game viewing sessions. In addition, Rokid Air goggles do not require charging; instead, the glasses are powered by the device to which they are connected and are compatible with virtually any mobile device, game console, laptop or tablet, depending on the company. Finally, Rokid Air can be used by users who wear prescription glasses and have focus adjustment buttons for nearsighted users to achieve a clear focus for games, multimedia, applications and movies.

To reserve Rokid Air AR glasses, visit the page Indiegogo campaign for a range of pre-sale advantage options for levels with special prices. To learn more about Rokid and its augmented and mixed reality solutions, visit the company website.

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