Santo Blockchain and French artist Jerome Peschard launch the cutting-edge XR-NFT series

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Santo Blockchain Labs, a creative blockchain software development company, has teamed up with renowned French pop artist Jerome Peschard, to bring to life a new series of NFTs called XR-NFTs “augmented reality non-expendable tokens.”

What are XR-NFTs?
XR-NFTs are the most eclectic way to use 3D scanning telemetry, augmented reality, virtual reality, sound and digital smell technology intertwined with the creativity of Jerome Peschard s digital pop art. NFT creations use blockchain technology to offer their user a unique sensory experience in digital assets.

Rush of Mars
In honor of this new dawn of space travel, where people like Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, i Elon Musk they are altering space travel and making it a reality for all of humanity to one day travel into space, Jerome Peschard has created a limited edition series of 50 XR-NFT and 1 XR-NFT allegory based on digital physical assets titled “Rush of Mars”.

The allegory “Rush of Mars” will feature an original 150X150cm physical work by the pop artist Jerome Peschard. The canvases of Jerome that are chosen are rusty steel sheets from construction works that are joined to form the masterpiece. The creation has a neon green light on the words “Rush of Mars”; the neon light will flash slowly 2-3 times, before an electric spark ignites the gas from the electrode to the neon, to illuminate the letters. In addition, viewers will experience a buzzing sound produced by atoms when electrically charged inside the vacuum tube.

NFC tag
From the greenish futuristic tone, with elements of fast food signage from the 50s, to a countdown to a rocket, electric futuristic vehicle, female model from the 60s and flying saucers, including many hidden elements, it gives us real of the allegory of “Rush to Mars.” This physical resource of the masterpiece will have an NFC tag that any smartphone can scan to open the XR-NFT, will display various 3D elements and sounds to bring this masterpiece to life in a digital and blockchain world.

The goal of the NFC tag is to not only offer the owner a unique sensory experience and transfer the asset, but also to give anyone who has that experience when admiring this masterpiece in any museum, gallery or private exhibition. The 50 XR-NFT limited edition series will each have a unique item chosen by Jerome and minted in the blockchain.

It has an XR-NFT
With this unique XR-NFT series, Santo Blockchain has allowed art enthusiasts around the world to purchase works by renowned artists such as Jerome Peschard. Those interested can sign up for the presale waiting list through Santo Blockchain.

The limited edition 50 XR-NFT will light up in mid-August and will be available for purchase with ETH. Anyone interested in unique creations can stay up to date on coinage details and future releases through Santo Blockchain’s social media channels.

The hope is that one day, in the not-so-distant future; humans will not only travel into space, but will also take these digital assets with them, which will allow us to enjoy and change in these new frontiers.

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