See how the 3D headphones take the jury straight to the crime scene

SUniSA Carolin Reichherzer simulating a shock and escape scene as seen through a 3D headset (courtesy of SUniSA)

As any jury can tell you, gathering the facts of a crime limited to a series of documents and photographs presented in a courtroom is not an easy thing, especially when the future of a human being is kept in balance.

Issuing the right verdict on cases from car accident to murder depends on good spatial awareness, but in addition to being at the crime scene, the margin for error is wide.

However, thanks to the development of virtual reality (VR), juries are now more likely to make the right decision.

A new study published by the University of South Australia (UniSA), provides overwhelming evidence in favor of allowing the use of VR in the room, effectively leaving jurors in the middle of a car accident or the scene of a murder .

(A new study published by the University of South Australia provides overwhelming evidence in favor of the use of virtual reality in the courtroom, effectively leaving jurors in the middle of a car accident or a murder scene. Courtesy of the University of South Australia and YouTube. Published July 21, 2021.)

A team of researchers, legal, forensic and forensic professionals from UniSA simulated a scene of success and reconstruction of the facts with a laser scanner to compare the verdicts between “jurors” using 3D headphones and those that depended on photographs alone. ‘scene.

The indicated result of the juries has the advantage of improving memory, spatial accuracy and the most consistent verdicts in the case of jurors (with 30 study participants), through interactive technology.

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Study participants who saw the scene through a 3D headset were 9.5 times more likely (86.67%) to choose the same verdict (Death by Dangerous Driving) than the group that relied solely on in photographs, divided by 47/53% between a careless driving verdict and a dangerous driving verdict.

“Participants who were immersed in the scene were more likely to correctly remember the location of the car in relation to the victim at the time of the accident, while it was difficult for people to visualize the scene from images. fixed “.

“This provides unequivocal evidence that interactive technology leads to fairer and more consistent verdicts and, in fact, could be the future of courtrooms,” says Dr. Cunningham.

Carolin Reichherzer, Ph.D.
Carolin Reichherzer, Ph.D.

“Visits to the site remain the gold standard in providing jurors with a realistic impression of a scene, but they also have their drawbacks,” according to lead researcher on immersive technologies UniSA, Dr. Carolin Reichherzer.

“They are expensive, especially in remote places, and in some cases the place itself has changed, making accurate visualization impossible.”

(See how in Germany, prosecutors have used Auschwitz models of virtual reality (VR) to build cases against World War II criminals. Courtesy of The Atlantic and YouTube. Published April 5, 2019).

(A deeper immersion. Geotemporal narratives tell a story of entities, their movements and, consequently, their potential relationships, thus defining who, what, where and when they define a story; everything except why Dr. Andrew Cunningham This project is an immersive virtual reality system that we have developed to convey these narratives, focusing specifically on the domain of law enforcement.The system allows users to not only see who was where and when, but also see explicit and implicit relationships between entities, repeated visits to recurring locations, as well as crucial descriptive information that supports why.Courtesy of Andrew Cunningham and YouTube.Posted March 16, 2021.)

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