Send your masterpiece XR to SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

He SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 The XR program is looking for innovative immersive masterpieces to show at the upcoming December conference. Extended reality (XR) refers to all environments that combine real and virtual elements generated by computer technology. It includes representative forms such as augmented reality (RA), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR). XR is a superset that includes the entire spectrum from “full real” to “full virtual” to the continuum of reality – virtuality.

Submissions are accepted in the following categories:

  • Experiences of expanded reality in art, science, medicine, research, 360 ° cinema, entertainment and games.
  • Artistic and technological performances and demonstrations with applications in design, health / medicine, engineering, science and training / education.
  • Research projects that allow the participation of attendees.
  • Content-oriented interactive projects that:
    • Demonstrate a unique type of interactive and immersive experience that wasn’t possible 18 months ago.
    • Practical applications or creative tools that influence day-to-day life or improve relationships around the world.

The event is scheduled to run from December 14-17 in Tokyo, Japan, subject to changes under COVID-19 and possible travel restrictions. Regardless of the format of the event, the organizers will facilitate the virtual presentation of all selected works and will be published in the Digital Library of the event.

The submission deadline is July 15; additional information is available here.

And don’t forget, the deadline to submit registrations for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Computer Animation Festival is August 1: no additional information is available here.

Source: SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

Image by Dan Sarto

Dan Sarto is editor and editor-in-chief of the Animation World Network.

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