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Welcome to VRFocus’ Friday’s regular summary of virtual reality (VR) video games to be released next week. Here are five new titles for lovers of puzzle games, sports games, open world adventures and more. If you are looking for some gifts, take a look at VRFocus selection of free VR games.

Gravitational – Study Solution

Gravitational is a physics-based puzzle video game set in a future where gravity can be manipulated. You play Sebastian, a scientist at GraviCorp, one of the many companies that develops control systems and gravitational travel. After an incident, you will have to solve the different puzzles along the way, with all the wheelchair-based locomotion. The digital release will take place on the 13th, while the physical retail version will arrive on the 16th of July.

  • Compatible platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Release date: July 13th

Walkabout Mini Golf – Mighty Coconut

It was originally an Oculus Quest title, Walkabout Mini Golf it now targets PC VR headphones. There are seven 18-hole fields to try to dominate, from snow-capped and rocky peaks to beautiful valleys full of cherry blossoms, with an unlockable night mode to increase the difficulty. Supports solo and online PvP multiplayer with a cross-platform game.

A count of municipalities

A Township Tale – Alta

From PC to Oculus Quest (no cross-platform support), A count of municipalities is a great cooperative adventure designed for up to eight friends to team up on a virtual server and do missions. Everyone has to choose a profession (blacksmith, lumberjack, miner, archer or warrior) to help the group and make use of the handcrafted materials found that explore the dangerous landscape to build new equipment and improve their equipment.

Ragnarock – Wanadev

You love rhythm action video games, but would you like to have some rock / metal? Enter Ragnarock, a PC VR title that was released in late 2020 and is slated to leave Early Access next week. Providing both solo and PvP multiplayer modes, where the former allows you to compete with your ghost, the soundtrack includes Alestorm, Gloryhammer or Wind Rose.


Little Witch Academy: VR Broom Racing – UNIVRS Inc.

Based on the anime by Studio TRIGGER, Little Witch Academy: VR Broom Racing came to Oculus Quest last year and now is the time for PC VR and PlayStation VR headphones. With a new history of the magical universe, you are a guest student at the famous Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. Grab your flying broom and compete for more than ten tracks while unlocking customization options.

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