SlimeVR virtual reality full body tracker

The 360 ​​° virtual reality full-body tracker, SlimeVR, has successfully achieved its grant promise goal through Crowd Supply thanks to more than 700 sponsors, with 41 days remaining allowing its developers to make the leap from concept to small-scale production. Virtual reality developers, gamers, and enthusiasts can use the full-body crawler to add immersion to their games with a set of sensors and software that offer a 360 ° solution for an all-in-one tracking solution. the body for virtual reality. Watch the demo video below for more information on the sensors and software used to create the virtual reality tracker.

SlimeVR full body tracking

“SlimeVR trackers are lightweight, easy to carry and fully self-contained. Because they do not depend on cameras or base stations, they are able to track a wide range of movements without ever being hidden or blocked from view, so that external sensors can lose track of them. “

SlimeVR compatible with popular VR games and programs:

  • PC games and other applications, including VRChat, NeosVR, and Blade & Sorcery, to name a few
  • Transmission of virtual reality applications with an avatar
  • VTubing (with Tracking the world for now, but we plan to support native virtual motion capture in the future)
  • SteamVR Games
  • SteamVR games played with the Shadow platform

“SlimeVR FBT provides simple and effective body and limb monitoring in VR games and other applications. makes full-body tracking convenient and affordable by leveraging high-quality inertial unit (IMU) sensors and a Wi-Fi connection to your PC instead of cables, cameras, or base stations. Taking the lower body as an example, five followers (one on each thigh, one on each ankle and a fifth on the waist) are enough to do the job. Each tracker monitors its own rotation in space, and SlimeVR software uses the proportions and location of the headphones to calculate joint angles and estimate limb positions. In more technical terms, SlimeVR is based on absolute orientation sensors, a configurable skeleton model and direct kinematics. The result is like having Vive virtual crawlers in key places on your body. “

For more information on the SlimeVR virtual reality full-body tracker, which is now available starting at $ 190 and is expected to be shipped during March 2022, go to the project’s official website at Crowd’s website Supply following the link below.

Source: Crowd Supply

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