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Snapchat is one of the largest social networking platforms where there are over 500 million users worldwide and with the largest number of users in the US. The app has shared the data recently in a report in collaboration with Foresight Factory that has shown that new technology, including virtual reality, has influenced the buying style of many consumers around the world. This report has surveyed nearly 20,000 consumers worldwide and more than 2,500 U.S. consumers.

When global consumers were asked the question of whether they find online shopping restricted especially during the lockout situation because they cannot check the products before buying them in the store. Almost 55% of millennials and 51% of generation Z agreed with this situation and, in general, this percentage becomes around 47%. People want to leave their home especially to go shopping or at least want some of the new styles for their shopping experience. However, the addition of RA has changed the style of shopping as this technology allows users to practically try on the clothes they want to buy and even users can try cosmetic things virtually, for example, they can try the colors of lipsticks online. This can even grow e-commerce, as well as RA technology, has changed the buying style of many people that 62% of people in the US like to shop online with the help of RA.

The Snapchat app is also expected to launch its own AR and other digital tools as users will be able to include Bitmoji avatars from famous brands that will help increase the buying trend of this app. It seems amazing to see data that shows more interest in people making discount offers on physical products as a result of their app-related purchases. Snapchat is also testing a new option by which people will be able to create their own items using the app that they can even buy in real life. There is no doubt that social media platforms now influence people’s buying style as many people rely on these platforms to examine and explore products. 21% of people said they always relate the price on social media platforms and interact with their friends as well when they shop physically, while 25% of people said they sometimes compare the price.

The report has shown that almost 3 out of 5 millennials always share their screenshot with their friends or family on the topic they are interested in receiving feedback from. 31% of Snapchat users said they like to search for new articles on social media and even discover online on other platforms, although even 37% of users totally agree with the situation, and approximately 26% of Generation Z and 28% Millennials fully agree with this point, and overall 15% of people strongly agreed. The app has suggested that brands should align their products with these growing trends that will increase the chances of increasing their online sales.

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