Snobal launches “Snobal Sphere” enterprise virtual reality presentation and collaboration application

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September 9, 2021 – Snobal, a technology company that develops virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) solutions for business and education, has announced the launch of its new application for creating presentations and collaboration in remote business VR, “Snobal Sphere”, which allows people to meet, debate, present and play in VR, regardless of their physical location.

Murray James, co-founder of Snobal and CEO, said: “Over the last 18 months we have seen a huge change in the place and the way people work and study. The shift to a distributed workforce, along with the growth of hybrid and remote work, means that business leaders are focusing on which digital tools they can best use to foster more effective collaboration in the workplace. Through Snobal Sphere, organizations can enable their employees and customers to come together in RVs, import and discuss presentations, videos and 3D files. ”

Building on Snobal’s eight years of experience in developing cloud VR / AR solutions, the company sees its new VR collaboration and communication app providing an immersive immersive collaboration solution not just for to companies, but also to educational organizations looking for a proof of their future offering.

“Online education is more important than before and for educational organizations, the needs and expectations of students have changed,” James continued. “Students want more engaging and personalized learning experiences as part of the blended learning experience and there is a drive on the part of education to find more effective ways to impart their learning so that they can move forward. We know that RV and RA are and will increasingly be a part of digital organizations’ toolkits. ”

Snobal also states that it places great emphasis on security, emphasizing that government, education and business customers will seek assurances regarding key business functions, such as: data control and where they reside; control over users; control over privacy, headphones and hardware used; and ease of upgrades. The company noted that the Snobal Sphere platform is created for the collaboration of the workforce and is able to provide companies and educational customers with greater peace of mind when it comes to security.

Through Snobal Sphere, people located in different geographic locations can meet, discuss, and present remotely in RVs. Users can set up an account, create an avatar, and share a meeting code with other meeting participants, allowing multiple people to be in the same virtual space. Meeting participants will be able to choose from a selection of virtual rooms where they can meet their goals. The platform also has functionality that allows meeting participants to import files such as videos, images, and 3D models into the virtual environment.

The Snobal Sphere Remote VR presentation and collaboration creation app is now available worldwide from the Snobal website and will soon be available in the Pico App Store as well. For more information on Snobal, click here.

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