Solve puzzles in space in search of Oculus in Arcsmith

Become a master engineer in space

Bithell Games is a company that has grown in recent years with titles spanning a variety of genres, from stealth to puzzle and virtual reality to strategy. With recent releases such as Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex, the company has announced that its upcoming titles, Arcsmith, will head to the Oculus Quest headphones in July. Arcsmith will be released on Oculus Quest 1 and 2 on July 29 for a price of £ 18.99 / $ 24.99 / $ 24.99. Fans can wish for the game here.

At Arcsmith, players learn the craft and follow in the footsteps of the coveted master, Korith Dinn, as they strive to be a first-rate space engineer. From here, players will have the task of solving various puzzles and building elements and machinery based on space. The game will use Oculus Quest touch controllers to put together pieces that match the specifications of the machine. The unique twist of the game is that you can’t make two identical designs, which means players have to be smart in their approach.

As the game progresses, the relationship between Korith Dinn and her fellow robot, Toolie, begins to develop. In addition to solving puzzles and watching the relationship grow, an intergalactic space struggle must be considered. The game also features a soundtrack by Dan Le Sac and Sarah Williams White.

Nic Trangali, director of games at Bithell Games, was excited about the game’s release. It has been exciting to develop a space puzzle game for virtual reality … We have given players various tools in their workbench to design and
diagnosing their creations and virtual reality offers us a unique way to present a game with an open puzzle design. “

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