Stellantis wants to help build black business

The main objective of this portal is to qualify, develop and train black companies to obtain recruitment opportunities. To do so, Stellantis will provide access to a wide variety of assets needed for change to occur. This includes capital, mentoring, vendor training, bidding, matching, supply chain solutions, and talent acquisition and acquisition.

“As a key part of our strategy for diversity, inclusion and business involvement, Stellantis is excited to partner with the National Business League to ensure that all black businesses and suppliers have equitable and inclusive market share.” , said Mark Stewart, COO, Stellantis – North America. “Post-pandemic and in response to the growing demands for social and economic justice for all people, finding equitable and impactful ways to engage and empower black businesses is critical to the sustainable development of black entrepreneurs and communities.”

Stellantis also provided some key data and figures to justify the importance of this program. About 95% of black-owned businesses are home-based and have an employee. Less than three percent of these are agency certified. Most do not have the capacity to meet the capacity required by the auto industry, the federal government and Fortune 500 companies.

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