Superhot VR removes the self-harm scenes from the new update


Superhot VR got a new update numbered that removed some disturbing scenes alluding to the game’s self-injury, causing a bit of a stir with its users. The timing is certainly quirky, as the game is already over 5 years old.

Developer Superhot Team posted to his Steam community arguing that the previous “Skip Disturbing Scenes” option was not enough and that they have now removed all the scenes alluding to self-harm, even regretting that they have side both. The dedicated discussion forum includes approximately 25 pages of mostly negative user feedback on the change.

Below you can read the official statement.

The “Skip Disturbing Scenes” switch was added in a previous update. Given the sensitive time we live in, we can do better. You deserve something better. Now all the scenes that refer to self-injury are completely removed from the game. These scenes do not take place in the virtual reality of superphotos. Sorry it took us so long.

We promise to send this update to all vr platforms.

-superphoto equipment ”

Superhot is a kind of mix between FPS and puzzle resolution in which you have to eliminate enemies in a VR environment within the game. He also plays a lot with mind control and brainwashing issues, even throwing a recurring “OBEY”.

The parts that allude to self-harm, which we won’t spoil (can we even spoil them if it’s no longer there?) Could be triggers for some. The game has a T rating for teens in the ESRB, which means players up to the age of 13 could have access to it.

Superhot was originally released in February 2016, with the RV version in December 2016. We reviewed the original game when it came out and it was a fun experience, albeit a bit short. It is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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