Supernatural partners with Lululemon to bring its members active clothing that prioritizes comfort and connection

Designed to get people moving and loving it, Supernatural’s VR fitness knows that sometimes people need to be taken out of this world and has created a diverse community of fitness and VR enthusiasts.

With some of Supernatural’s biggest fans, including Tiffany Haddish, Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris, the company’s VR training has thrived with a growing community that wants to work from home, especially when gyms closed due to pandemic restrictions. But in addition, the company has reached an agreement with a loyal audience by acknowledging that for many the traditional methods of work have not been pleasant. In fact, Chris Milk, the company’s CEO, once stated that he considered the couch to be a bigger competition than a stationary bike.

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“Supernatural is a revolutionary fitness service that guides you with joy and inspiration,” said Leanne Pedante, head of fitness and head coach at Supernatural. “We help people fall in love with movement by doing fun exercise with the power of virtual reality. We’ve seen so many members transform their lives with Supernatural and come together in our community to share and encourage each other. ”

And while at its core, Supernatural is a workout, the gamified fitness experience also prioritizes the community and creates encouraging and potential messages that are incorporated into all points of contact, which the company will continue to do. growing as it enters new markets and creates new products.

Taking the next step to empower their community, Supernatural has partnered with Lululemon to get a new line of fitness clothing and accessories, which it hopes will allow members the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. The company’s Coaches Collection and Supernatural Basics Collection, which includes bold pieces called #IamSupernatural, said the company aims to encourage its community to “show off with confidence and style”.

“Members have ordered clothes from our brand and we wanted to take this opportunity to help them recognize the athletes they have discovered within them through Supernatural,” Pedante said. With every decision we make at Supernatural, we ask ourselves, “How do we help people celebrate and honor that powerful athlete inside?” Whether our members wear high-performance supernatural clothing or go out into the world with the statement “I am supernatural” proudly on my chest, we want each of them to feel comfortable, safe and proud. “

It should be noted that the clothing in the collection was inspired by the company’s existing coaching uniforms, while each item was hand-picked and designed by team members to empower it.

Fostering Supernatural’s belief that every person is an athlete, regardless of shape, size, or experience in sports and fitness, each item will be offered in a variety of sizes and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that members be comfortable to move around and do your best. Within each garment, a label includes the word “athlete” as a “soft reminder of each person’s power and personal ability.”


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