Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator VR driver coming in mid-November

A roadmap for Asobo developers indicates that support for virtual reality drivers is planned to be released with Simulator Update VII, currently scheduled for the mid-November release.

In its weekly developer update, Asobo released the usual “virtual reality feedback snapshot” list that shows the top “wishes” and major bugs voted on by the community, along with their development progress. For errors, the team points out whether the error has been reproduced and reports on progress in correcting it. For the best wishes, Asobo marks some as beginners, some as researched, and so on.

Currently, “Virtual Reality Drivers Assistance Missing” is the most popular wish post in the comment snapshot, with 482 votes. VR controller support status is now marked as “Started”, with an SU7 release date. This, of course, refers to Simulator Update VII (or 7, depending on how you want to stylize it), which the development roadmap has set for release in mid-November.

While it could take a few months, there are also some content planned for the arrival. On September 28, Asobo will add a new aircraft to the mix – the Junkers JU-52 – and next month in late October will launch the Simulator Update VI.

According to the list of comment snapshots, SUVI will include fixes for RV users that include missing antialiasing in RV menus and broken RV reflections, present since the last update. No doubt a larger list of changes will be available near launch.

In the longer term, we also know that Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive helicopters in 2022; Asobo marked helicopters as a “planned feature” for 2022 on the roadmap in July. The most recent update also added a lot of new benchmarks, focusing on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Looking for support for the virtual reality driver in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Let us know in the comments.

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