Tafi and Highstreet announce a collaboration for the creation of avant-garde characters in immersive metaverses

Highstreet selects the Tafi character creator SDK for the virtual market

VANCOUVER, BC i CITY OF SALT LAKE, September 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tafi, the leading provider of 3D avatar solutions, today announced a partnership with Highstreet, the world’s first trade-focused metaverse, to bring Tafi’s avatars to Highstreet’s virtual worlds.

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This partnership represents Highstreet’s latest effort to perfect its virtual marketplace by offering high quality avatars with deep customization options to users. Tafi’s library of assets and character creation technology, particularly its Astra SDK, will offer users a new way to express their unique identities and make metavers a more accessible and welcoming place.

Within this immersive virtual world, Tafi’s Astra SDK will help developers deliver and earn revenue with full-body 3D avatar creation experiences for games and applications, while streamlining the user experience. The Highstreet market is the first of its kind, bringing together various fictitious products (digital resources linked to real-world products) and blockchain technology.

“Earlier this year, we took advantage of Tafi’s avatar solutions to demonstrate our online store and our commercial metavers to some of the best brands in the world,” he said. Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet. “Given this overwhelmingly positive experience, we are pleased to announce our deepest partnership to integrate Tafi’s character-building engine into our flagship product Highstreet World, the first trade-based metaverse platform.”

Highstreet recently announced a successful round of funding led by both traditional and cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firms, as well as builders and influencers of cryptographic communities. With the support of home brands like HTC, Highstreet offers a new retail and entertainment experience to users who want to buy limited edition physical products using non-consumable or NFT tokens, which bring the cryptographic community to the metaverse.

“We are very excited to partner with such an innovative and innovative company as Highstreet,” he said Preston Woo, OSC de Tafi. “We see this partnership as a great opportunity to showcase our SDK capabilities with the leader in trade-based metaverse. In addition, we are grateful to find a partner who shares our goals to provide players with a dynamic avatar experience. , attractive and highly personalized. “

About Highstreet
Founded in 2015 by Travis Wu i Jenny Guo, Highstreet is a commercially focused metaverse accessible on both browsers and native PCVRs. With a team of veterans of VR, DeFi, fine arts and advertising markets, Highstreet’s mission is to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world and redefine the way financial products are consumed and sold in the marketplace. Players can party to explore a whole new world in the Highstreet interface, own and expand their virtual reality farms and buy products symbolized by their favorite brands.

To stay up to date on upcoming events, follow Highstreet on social media:

Website: https://www.highstreet.market
Medium: https://medium.com/highstreet-market
Twitter: https://twitter.com/highstreetworld
Telegram: https://t.me/highstreetworld
Media contact for brands: merchants@highstreet.market
General inquiries: info@highstreet.market

As for Tafi
Founded in 2019, Tafi’s mission is to make personalized avatars and branded digital content available to anyone and everyone who wants to level up their digital personality. Tafi empowers creators by offering a powerful, dynamic SDK that includes everything a developer would need to get custom characters and avatars running on their own project. The system is portable across all platforms, including mobile, gaming, XR, social networking, messaging and video communications. Tafi’s investors include Benchmark Capital, Columbia Capital and Ponte Partners. More information at https://maketafi.com/.

As for the Tafi SDK
Tafi’s Astra SDK is a powerful solution for character creators that helps creators streamline avatar creation, in-app purchases, and character customization. The Astra SDK allows developers to deliver and earn revenue with full-body 3D avatar creation experiences for games and applications across mobile, computers and VR / AR. Tafi’s cutting-edge technology saves development time and is easy to implement with an affordable budget.

Tafi’s star SDK makes it possible for avatars and characters to be deployed on different platforms such as games, virtual reality, video conferencing, live streaming, social media, mobility, and complementary applications, allowing characters and content to travel seamlessly. problems to other platforms. Learn more at https://maketafi.com/Astra-SDK.

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