Taqtile announces enhanced Digital Twin capabilities on its manifest augmented reality work instruction platform

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August 24, 2021 – Kill, an enterprise software provider that leverages augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and LTE / 5G networks for capturing and sharing knowledge, today announced improvements to its AR work instruction platform “Manifesto” that will now allow front-line workers to merge digital twins with Internet of Things (IoT) data in order to view and interact virtually with large computers.

The company stated that it continues to improve its Manifest platform to make it more powerful, as well as to facilitate the use of front-line workers with the enhanced capabilities of its virtual digital twins. Visualized and manipulated in the Manifest Augmented Reality environment, digital twins provide static or animated 3D models of real-world equipment that, combined with IoT data, can display information such as RPM, pressure, and temperature superimposed on augmented reality.

According to Taqtile, the main advantage of Manifest digital twins is the ability to view and interact virtually with physically large computers. Digital twins provide access to clear and simple views of the equipment and its individual components, making it easy to track on-site repair and maintenance procedures, classroom training, and remote equipment review.

In addition, the company claims that digital twins are easy to incorporate into its Manifest platform, as it requires little or no experience in 3D CAD. Views from different perspectives can be made available to operators through the Manifest drop-down menus or can be displayed automatically in the context of a specific step or task. Virtual views inside the equipment are also possible, allowing operators to see the status of the equipment and understand how individual pieces of machinery are built.

“Digital twins are the latest example of how we are constantly improving the functionality and usability of Manifest, making it more valuable to our customers and their front-line employees,” said Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “There is no other application in the workplace that seamlessly combines step-by-step procedures, access to remote knowledge experts, real-time IoT data, and availability anywhere, anytime on a platform like Manifest “.

For more information about Taqtile and its augmented reality work instruction platform, visit the company website.

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