Tech-Adaptika launches its first Avatar-based virtual reality summer school in North America

Students can create their avatars and immerse themselves in a virtual classroom where they can learn and interact.

FREMONT, CA: In collaboration with Voila Learning, Tech-AdaptiKa is pleased to announce the opening of its first avatar-based virtual reality summer school, which will be available throughout North America and proudly funded by both Canadian governments. as for the Americans. Every week from Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to noon, English, French and math teachers will be connected to the virtual classrooms through individualized avatars to lead educational and entertaining activities with children from 1st to 12th.

Students around the world continue to be affected by partial or complete school closures more than a year after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. Millions of children will fall below the minimum reading level due to the health crisis.

During the summer, Voilà Learning and Tech-AdaptiKa collaborate to offer a virtual learning opportunity to make up for the missed course. Both companies have partnered to provide students across North America with an immersive e-learning experience that will help them regain the necessary schoolwork.

“We want to help bridge the learning gap between Canadian and American students by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions in a safe way. Our virtual platform allows teachers to teach in a more human-centered way,” said Carrie Purcell , co-founder of Tech-AdaptiKa.

“Students can customize their own avatars and be immersed in a classroom where they can learn and interact with their teacher and peers,” said Hosni Zaouali, co-founder of Tech-AdaptiKa. “Now more than ever, teachers are an important part of facilitating student learning, well-being and growth. This virtual reality summer school is an innovative platform that will help teachers, students and parents until schools they can remain open in a sustainable way. “

From July 15 to September 15, the Virtual Reality Summer School will be available to school boards in the United States and Canada.

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