Technological advances improved the experience of the Tokyo Games

The technology may not make up for the impact of COVID-19, but its presence was felt at the Tokyo Games, from advances in time to giant displays that brought sailing action from the sea to on the coast.

  • Even the venerable Olympic pine obtained a digital update, with Alibaba sponsor distributing an electronic button, with a small screen and integrated pedometer.
  • People with the digital pin could connect with other people and share information on social media, winning prizes by making friends and taking steps.
  • At the Olympic Stadium, adorable small remote-controlled cars picked up weight throws and hammer throws, safely returning them from the field to nearby competitors.

Yes, but: Technologies such as holograms and remote applause were being tested in Tokyo, but they were not ready to be deployed on a large scale. The organizers of the Olympics used video chat to bring athletes face-to-face with family and friends after the competition, but this was more of a band aid than a panacea.

What follows: Virtual reality and other advances promise to allow those watching from afar to feel closer to the action.

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