Tel Aviv University students present virtual reality game at Cannes

The project by Yotam Tadmor and Tomer Meser, produced by Daniel Saar and in collaboration with Nuri Levi, Ilia Utochkin and Ohad Tadmor, was shown at the Cannes XR Development Show. The technical manager of the project was Daniel Prigorovner.

His project describes itself as a virtual reality virtual narrative game “that explores how the increasing use of new technologies by society can affect our control over our lives, as it allows the user to possibility of being in the position of a police officer with a biohybrid body. ”

Students went through a selection process with about 50 groups submitting presentations. They were then reduced to just six groups and the TAU team was notified that it had been accepted just one week before the start of the festival.

The showcase was sponsored by Artizen, an “artist grant market,” which worked in collaboration with the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival.

Saar said being in Cannes and participating in the competition was a big step for the field of virtual reality in Israel.

“When people learned that we were from Israel, it did not provoke hostilities; it sparked curiosity, ”he said.

According to group members, there were many inquiries about the field of virtual reality in Israel and potentially useful contacts were established with investors and content creators who attended the showcase.

The group hopes to receive support from the Ministry of Culture and Sport to further develop its project, which it hopes will be commercialized.

He also hopes to organize other virtual reality creators in Israel.

“We believe that if we can create a union for all RV creators in Israel, we would all benefit,” Saar said.

The final results of the contest are not yet public, but students appreciate the opportunity independently.

“For us, we’ve already won.”

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