Teladoc adds a feature to provide remote surgical support

Proximie, a startup that allows clinicians to virtually “scrub” to provide support for procedures from afar, established a partnership with Teladoc. The telehealth giant will integrate Proximie software into its virtual care platform for hospitals and health systems. Although the deal will initially focus on the United States, they plan to expand it globally.

Founded by surgeon Dra. Nadine Hachach-Haram, London-based Proximie, uses augmented reality to allow surgeons to monitor operations remotely, with the ability to show their peers where to make an incision or how to use a particular technique through physical gestures. Essentially, it allows them to bring their experience to the operating room without actually having been there.

With the integration of Teladoc, Proximie could be used for surgical tutoring, control and technical experience. Surgeons and other health professionals can also get feedback through the platform.

The deal would also be an advantage for Proximie’s business. With Teladoc’s network of more than 600 health systems, it would have a faster route to market it than go it alone.

Proximie is not the only company that uses virtual tools to make surgeries work more easily. San Francisco-based OssoVR built a virtual reality platform for surgical training. Recently, a feature was launched for users to assess their knowledge of specific workflows and how to react when things don’t go as planned during a procedure.

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