Temporal, dynamic and interactive character of multisensory perception with Massimiliano di Luca (Haptics Club # 5) | by Interhaptics | July 2021

The Haptics Club is an open community for # Haptics. It was founded by members of Unity, Interhaptics, Senseglove and Nanoport. There is an event every two weeks with speakers from various industries and universities.

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There is the possibility of providing authentic haptics. The question is: can you provide haptic products automatically to use for navigation or guidance for example. It’s something that isn’t fully explored because it’s not well understood. There is still much to study.

The haptic channel contributes to the experience of virtual reality. If haptics are missing, you are much more able to say that your environment is false and created from scratch. If you consider all the stimuli of a virtual reality environment, haptics allow you to blur the boundaries between virtual and reality for the user.

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