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Tesla boss Elon Musk was forced to ignominiously enter the California motor vehicle department. What Tesla suppresses its “full autonomous driving capability” and charges up to $ 10,000 is, in fact, in industry jargon, a level 2 driving aid. In other words, it’s no different than which they provide to other car manufacturers, from GM to Kia, even as standard equipment. It can direct and equalize the speed of traffic on the highway or in bumper situations. In no case, however, do we encourage you to get your hands off the wheel and look into the eyes of the road.

Tesla’s Level 2 package also seems to be bafflingly failing at a basic autonomous vehicle job, done on many cars by a set of radars that costs less than $ 200. It does not reliably avoid collisions with stationary objects such as emergency vehicles. A federal investigation has been opened and we can already anticipate the conclusions: the implementation of Tesla level 2 is as good as any; the problem occurs because Tesla owners believe their cars are more advanced than them.

By now, a succession of Mr. Musk’s claims have painted a trajectory toward a universe still out of sight. Last year, Tesla should have turned a switch and turned every Tesla into a free taxi robot, which would make easy money for its owner when the car would not work.

Okay, it’s been three years since the media started backtracking from its own role in stand-alone advertising. Uber and Lyft have sold their autonomous vehicle experiments.

But while autonomous driving remains at a neutral point, the underlying technology has advanced in bots: artificial intelligence, artificial vision, graphing, mobile bandwidth.

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