Test your virtual reality adventure in Oculus Quest

A few months after its release on PC VR, the platform game Ven VR Adventure has arrived today in Oculus Quest with improvements for the owners of Quest 2. If we cite the famous Crash Bandicoot as the benchmark of the genre, VR already has very good actors with Astro Bot on PlayStation VR or Excellent Moss. So, Ven VR Adventure comes in the middle of these references and we’ll see if they manage to forget about it.

Come on, let’s go on an adventure

The game takes you to meet Finn, a little creature who remembers a fox and you will control him in the third person sitting comfortably in your living room because the game is actually played while you are sitting. As for the story, there is nothing very exciting, because you will often have to help your partner to defend himself from the invaders of his distant planet. To do this, you will be presented with 12 levels divided into 3 different regions. The goal is to collect all the ruins and free youth from each cycle.

If it seems simple on paper and if you are already in the first levels, the adventure will become more difficult as you progress and some segments will provide you with difficult problems from the second half of the game. About 5 hours to complete these different levels at once, but lovers of the challenges will have enough to start with New several times to try to complete them 100%. The game offers 3 difficulty levels that fit the starting number.

In fact, as you can see in the game video we recorded below, it is very difficult to get to collect 100% of the rubble on the first try. Some are well hidden in enclosures that remain invisible if you don’t turn on the camera or in secret passages. Also, we wish we could have challenged each other in the given chronological order, but the developers didn’t expect the functionality.

good but perfect

In many areas it’s nice to see Ven VR Adventure even very good, but it’s still missing something small that can change the already established competition. As an advantage, the level design offers many different obstacles, nooks and crannies that vary depending on the level. The same goes for the very good and varied soundtrack. If the number of 12 levels seems low, they are quite long and developers can double it once they are halved. Undoubtedly, this should bring more dynamism, especially for levels of great difficulty that can slow down its duration and the risk of ending the game.

Technically speaking, if your creature responds well to your controls, handling the camera is not ideal. It happens periodically that we lose sight of Vin and it takes a few seconds to find him. A point that has not jumped on us in other games of this genre.

The use of VR in Astro Bot on PSVR is of real interest because it is not uncommon for you to have to tilt and turn to reach areas and follow your character. Here, the feeling is minor and you have no interaction with the “mannequin”. Finn lacks a lot of charisma, and while it’s very disturbing to see him look you straight in the eye from the no-place when he stops, the interactions don’t go much further. Of course, there is an underutilized point for virtual reality gaming. The same goes for the totally clichéd story that doesn’t matter much. For several minutes at the beginning of the game, this story is also presented in English without you being able to activate the French subtitles. But this is the case for the rest of the game.

Referee: 7/10

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Ven VR Adventure is a good game, but it doesn’t stand out in many areas that could have completely changed our final feel. The level design is very good, the Oculus Quest 2 graphics as well, but there are other points below. Stage, under-exploitation of virtual reality And imperfect content management (long levels, no timed challenges) are the points that bothered us a bit.

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