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With fears of Coronavirus still fresh in the minds of consumers, new Valtech research suggests UK shoppers are increasingly open to innovative digital technologies designed to help them navigate and shop from the safety of their home. . The survey, which surveyed more than 1,000 UK consumers, found that 64% are still trying to avoid the high street due to constant concerns around Covid-19.

According to Valtech research, almost three-quarters of consumers (71%) are open to the idea of ​​browsing stores virtually through a VR headset.

About two-thirds of shoppers (64%) also say they would be open to 3D printing products from home, which will allow them to avoid physical stores and even click and pick up services. Those in the 55-64 age group were particularly open to testing these technologies.

When visiting stores, consumers also want to use the latest technology to minimize their physical contact. In fact, 60% of respondents said they would be happy to see the introduction of “smile to pay” systems in China, eliminating the need for cash, cards or even contactless payments.

Commenting on these findings, Chris Daplyn, British managing director of Valtech, said: “The way Covid-19 has changed consumer attitudes in both retail and technology is amazing. Ideas like ‘smile to pay’, which before they would have been totally unacceptable to British consumers, they are increasingly in demand.

“For retailers, that means big changes. With many brands still having trouble keeping up with basic technologies like clicking and picking or buying with a single click, the sudden shift to innovative technologies like virtual reality will take its toll. Brands that want to keep up with growing consumer demand need to rethink how they deliver experiences to customers, and that means being open to experimenting with the latest technologies.

“Before they can do that, however, brands need to get the basics right. Many of these tools rely heavily on having access to customer data and having the right e-commerce infrastructure. UK retailers are not getting the basics right, they will always keep up with these biggest trends. ”

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