The 15 best companies that sponsor H1B visas

The H-1B visa is your ticket to stay and work in the United States after graduation, and H-1B visa sponsorship is a much-desired route to graduate employment for international students.

You can stay in the United States for up to three years with an H-1B visa, which can be extended for another three years.

To obtain an H-1B visa, you must have the sponsorship of an employer who will apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for your services.

The list of major companies sponsoring H-1B visas is dominated by tech companies and consultants, a sign of how the talent market is changing. Technology companies are increasing the number of MBAs they hire year after year.

The following are the top 15 companies sponsoring H-1B * visas, based on visas approved in 2020:

15. Intel

743 visas approved

Over the next four years, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger wants the company to regain its crown and produce the best semiconductor chips in the world.

For this to happen, the company will have to get the best talent out there. This could mean an increase in H-1B visa sponsorship in the coming years and the hiring of leading talent. Good news for international MBA graduates.

14. Apple

748 visas approved

Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world and cannot reach a market valuation of more than $ 1 trillion without the best talent in the ranks.

With technology companies also hiring an MBA, we expect the number of H-1B visa applications to increase in the coming years. Apple constantly hires students from top schools like Duke Fuqua, Harvard Business School and NYU Stern.


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13. Tech Mahindra

861 approved visas

The Indian multinational technology company, Tech Mahindra, has offices in the United States. The company provides information technology and business process outsourcing services and is among the top companies sponsoring H-1B visas for international MBA talent.

On its LinkedIn page, the firm states that it is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies such as 5G, blockchain, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, perfect for any MBA graduate with experience in technology who wants to enter the technology space.

12. Wipro Limited

1,003 approved visas

Wipro Limited is another Indian multinational seeking international MBA talent in the USA. The company is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company.

It’s also on LinkedIn’s list of the best companies in 2021 to grow your career, with a good salary, flexible work and action options that are among the benefits.

11. Accenture

1,140 visas approved

Consulting is one of the top three industries that attracts MBA talent each year. And with a wide range of focus areas such as customer experience, sustainability, automation, supply chain management, technological innovation and data and analysis, Accenture is an ideal place to hone your skills after the MBA.

The company also has a dedicated in-house training program which means that learning is constantly available. There are 91 connected classrooms worldwide offering more than 24,000 online courses.


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10. Facebook

1,184 approved visas

The second of the big tech companies on this list to grab international MBA talent is Facebook. The company’s workforce has doubled since 2017.

With the business constantly introducing new product lines, such as Reels on Instagram, a newsletter to compete with Substack and Virtual Reality (VR) Headphones, there are plenty of opportunities for MBA talent in the firm.

9. IBM

1,284 approved visas

A couple of recent acquisition announcements show that IBM is expanding and engaging with experience in hybrid cloud consulting and cloud strategy, as well as container strategy and deployment services.

It also focuses on design and business strategy, technical support and talent management, which means there are options for international MBA talent in the company in a wide range of business areas.

8. HCL America

1,303 approved visas

HCL offers computer programming solutions, ideal for MBA graduates who want to accelerate or orient their career towards cutting-edge technology.

It operates in a variety of industries, covering areas such as the automotive industry, aerospace and defense, media and entertainment, health and capital markets.

The company approved in 2020 an initial H-1B visa application of 1,303.

7. Capgemini

1,413 approved visas

Capgemini is in full swing and 2021 has been a good year so far for the firm. The company is another of the digital solutions consulting companies and focuses heavily on consulting services, digital transformation, technology and engineering.

6. Google

1,682 approved visas

The share price of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has risen since current CEO Sundar Pichai took over Google in 2015.

The company is also a major destination for international MBA graduates who want to obtain H-1B visas after business school. Google’s sponsorship of H-1B visas is likely for international talent: the firm had 1,682 initial approvals in 2020. Expect that number to grow as the company continues to do so.



5. Microsoft

1,790 approved visas

Microsoft hires 200 MBA graduates each year for its leadership development program alone: ​​Microsoft Aspire Experience.

In two years, it will mix you with your global cohort, meet mentors in leadership positions, and work as a team to develop a future strategy in the company.

With many leadership positions open to the firm’s best talent, it’s no surprise that Microsoft ranks among the top companies sponsoring H-1B visas.

4. Cognizant Technology Solutions USA

2,000 approved visas

By this point, you’ve probably already noticed the leitmotif of the list of major companies sponsoring H-1B visas: technology. Located just outside the top three, there is another consulting, IT and outsourcing business, Cognizant.

3. Tata consulting services

2,409 visas approved

Starting the top three companies sponsoring H-1B visas is Tata Consultancy Services.

The Indian multinational focuses heavily on application development, capacity planning, consulting, payment processing, software management and technology education services.

If you are an international MBA graduate who wants to stay in the United States after a business school, Tata is definitely a company worth looking into.


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2. Infosys

3,512 approved visas

Infosys is a leader in next-generation digital consulting and services. The firm is headquartered in Bangalore, India, but is the leading international MBA talent recruitment company in the United States.

Sponsoring H-1B visas at Infosys should be a goal for international graduates who want to work at the intersection of present and future technological advances. The company had more than 3,500 H-1B visa applications initially approved in 2020.

1. Amazon

4,774 visas approved

Amazon hires waves of MBA graduates every year and it’s no surprise that the firm tops the list of companies sponsoring H-1B visas.

H-1B visa sponsorship on Amazon is also likely to increase in the coming years: the company plans to hire more than 1,000 MBAs by 2021. International MBA graduates can get jobs at Amazon in a wide range of areas. , from finance and retail to products and products. program management.


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One thing is clear: technology companies are a good place for international MBA graduates to look for after-school careers. While the H-1B visa lottery does not guarantee that everyone applying for a visa will stay in the U.S., there are clear advantages in targeting the best companies that sponsor H-1B visas.

And since the Trump administration’s ban has expired, now is a good time to be an international MBA in the US.

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* Data in this article have been obtained from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for fiscal year 2020. The figures reported are the number of H-1B applications granted for initial approval.

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