The amazing virtual reality machine gives people a chance to experience death before it happens

People who are curious to feel close to the jaws of death can experience it thanks to this unusual virtual reality machine from an inventor. Known only as Dr. Death, a virtual suicide machine was created that is now on display in some parts of Europe.

The virtual suicide machine was first shown at the Amsterdam Funeral Home in 2018.

Now open to the public, the machine called Sarco is designed to produce a rapid decrease in oxygen level while maintaining a low level of CO2 (the conditions for a peaceful, even euphoric death). according to Sarco’s website.

An explanation of the 3D-printed euthanasia capsule reveals that the machine was intended to suggest a sense of occasion. Apart from this, it was also proposed to consider a system that does not require any participation or specialized skills, or provision of difficult-to-obtain medicines or any medical implications.

The machine would also help people with disabilities. It is activated by eye movement and voice is expected to be controlled.

When it was announced in 2018, Sarco’s death was described as painless, with no suffocation or suffocation. The user could still breathe easily even in a low-oxygen environment, the Huffington Post reported.

In a press release, Sarco intended to get people to speak positively about death and with a broader consideration than fear, fright, or commotion. And it seems that Sarco is not the only one who offers people the opportunity to live it.

Lithuanian Julijonas Urbonas designed a roller coaster that kills its passengers painlessly in 2010. It was described as a “hypothetical roller coaster-shaped death machine, designed to humanly take the life of a human being.”

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